About us
We are open, collaborative and conscientious in everything we do

Media Shed is a dynamic media sales agency providing a high-quality service to industry leading clients.

We have an unrivalled depth of expertise across B2B and B2C selling online media, magazine, sponsorship and events to an engaged customer base, both direct and agency. We develop a deep understanding of clients and their industries and work seamlessly with in-house teams and other suppliers.

Our team has a mix of agency and publishing backgrounds. We have a proven track record of delivering innovation and advertising sales achievement across all our portfolio of clients.

We are open, collaborative and conscientious in everything we do.

Time for a Fresh Approach ?

You may benefit from a change in structure which brings fresh input, or have an existing agency that’s just going through the motions. We can visit you to provide an honest, confidential appraisal, and are always happy to talk.  We will produce and implement a plan of action, and provide open reporting so that you can measure our progress.  Call Ian to discuss, 07780 678 121 or email ianc@media-shed.co.uk.