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In essence, we believe in winning customers by selling excellence.

Media Advertising

Media Shed is the UK’s leading specialist media advertising agency. We work across traditional and digital media for Key Accounts, Display, Recruitment, Webinars, Loose Inserts and Classifieds delivering the most effective approach for our clients. Our team have a huge wealth of experience – selling and managing across some of the largest publishing and membership brands in the UK.

When embarking upon a new project, we undertake a comprehensive review and assessment. We then set to work building contact data and creating a dynamic segmentation plan. This plan enables us to engage with the right people, at the right time and with the right solution. Ultimately this drives revenue growth through both customer acquisition and customer retention.

Our expert team also builds relationships and uses systems effectively to provide the best possible result in line with our client objectives. Our team has a consultative approach which allows us to build integrated solutions to fulfil their objectives. We believe that every successful campaign should have an element of both print and digital advertising. We have been hugely successful in driving double-digit growth against digital projects and we are also adept in serving and managing campaigns using Google Ad Manager.

Our approach is effective with Professional and Standards Bodies, Institutes and Associations, as well as B2B and B2C Commercial Publishers. All of our orders are confirmed in writing and we invoice on publication. Our sales team have access to a credit checking system which helps us gauge the strength of the business we are quoting.

Media Advertising

We believe in winning customers by selling excellence;

✓ comprehensive review and assessment
✓ create a dynamic segmentation plan
✓ engage with the right people
✓ build integrated solutions
✓ print and digital advertising
Time for a fresh approach?

We will produce and implement a plan of action and provide open reporting so that you can measure our progress. We can visit you to provide an honest, confidential appraisal.

Media Advertising

Please contact us to discuss what we can do for you on;

0207 183 1815

or info@media-shed.co.uk

Shed loads of smiles :)

Projects and clients we have delivered our Media Sales services to.

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